A Prayer For The Damned by Peter Tremayne

A Prayer For The DamnedFebruary 668, Ireland. Sister Fidelma and Brother Eadulf are to be married at last and the most important people, both leaders and holy men, have gathered at Cashel for the celebrations. Obviously, everything goes smoothly and they all live happily ever after.

Of course not… The Abbot Ultan is attending the ceremony with every intention of protesting Fidelma’s marriage to a Saxon, but that’s not the only reason why he’s unpopular. He has at least two dark secrets in his past that are producing some extremely strong feelings amongst the other guests. Needless to say, it’s not long before he is found stabbed in his chamber. A man is witnessed leaving Ultan’s chamber – but that man is the King of Connacht. Demanding that Fidelma represent him, the wedding is necessarily delayed…

Things are never simple though, and it seems that someone has a deeper plan. When a second murder takes place, it seems that anyone could be the murderer…

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The Bodies From The Library – Upcoming Event

Just a quick heads-up between reviews – Peter Tremayne next and then a slew of new releases – to give you news of an upcoming event that I’m seriously excited about.


The Bodies From The Library is being held on Saturday June 20th in the British Library who have made a success of republishing out-of-print classics such as Mr Balzagette’s Agent and The Santa Klaus Murder, both of which I reviewed on the blog a while ago. Since then, a number of releases, masterminded by regular reviewee Martin Edwards, have been selling extremely well.

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The Boathouse Riddle by J J Connington

BoathouseChief Constable Sir Clinton Driffield is on holiday for once, going to visit his friend “Squire” Wendover for a spot of fishing. The morning after arriving, though, he is roused at an early hour and called to help in a murder enquiry. A local gamekeeper has been found by the boathouse, shot to death with his own gun.

As investigations proceed it seems as if everyone in the vicinity may have visited the boathouse at some point that night. With the local land-owner’s wife missing and a second body waiting to be found, it seems that the case is going to get a lot more complicated before things get resolved.

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The King Is Dead by Ellery Queen

AIMQJA peaceful evening at the Queen household is cut short by the arrival of some uninvited guests. Soon Ellery and his father are winging their way to the mysterious Bendigo Island, recruited by Abel Bendigo to protect his even-more-oddly named brother, King Bendigo.

King Bendigo is a man with his own private army, navy and airforce, a man of power who can topple governments, a man who brokers both war and peace and makes a handsome profit doing so. He is also a man who is receiving death threats, which, while he does not take them seriously, his brother does, which is why Ellery has been summoned.

As the threats become more and more specific, King Bendigo ensures he is safely sealed away at the time the threat is due to be carried out. But when an impossible bullet strikes him down, Ellery finds himself with one of the most baffling cases of his career.

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The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book OF The Month – February 2015

So, February 2015 and I may have got a little carried away with my reading. It’s the fault of Readathon UK, an event that supports a number of children’s charities through sponsored reading in schools. Our school librarian asked for staff to take part and I stepped up, claiming that ten books (still got five days to go, by the way) would be an appropriate challenge. Now it’s just possible that I may have got a little carried away…

Fourteen books later…

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Doc On The Box – Death In Paradise Series Four – Full-Time Report

A month ago, I had a look at the first half of Series Four of Death In Paradise, concluding that the series had taken a strong lead, beating me 3.5 to 0.5 – I half got the surfing one. So I had everything to play for in the second half – could I possibly catch up with the devious writers who had really upped their game from the previous series.
And of course, Humphrey’s team has gone a change of personnel from the first half of the series, with Camille having departed for Paris, leading to Florence’s promotion to Detective Sergeant and the arrival of J.P, a young police officer. With such a shake-up, could the series continue its strong run?


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Captain Cut-Throat by John Dickson Carr

Cut Throat1805, Northern France, and Napoleon’s forces stand ready to cross the Channel and invade England. But here is dissention in the ranks as the night is patrolled by a shadowy figure, killing without a trace, leaving a note, signed Captain Cut-Throat, a man who can kill victims who stand in plain sight without being seen.

Meanwhile, Alan Hepburn, an English spy is at the mercy of Joseph Fouché, the Minister of Police. Rather than be executed, Hepburn is coerced into tracking down Cut-Throat. He already has an idea as to who is involved, but Fouché is playing a much deeper game than simply finding a killer. With both his and his wife’s life at stake, can Hepburn avoid both Fouché’s reach and the blade of Captain Cut-Throat?

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