Doc On The Box – Scream Season One

Years ago, the disfigured Brandon James was in love with a girl called Daisy. After years of adoring her, he snapped and killed five people when her boyfriend and his friends provoked him once too often. After confronting Daisy by the lake, he was shot by the police. Falling into the water, his body was never recovered. All that remained was the memory of the white surgical mask that he wore.Scream TV

Now, Daisy has returned to Lakewood with her daughter Emma. But when a cyber-bullying incident divides the school, and the perpetrator is killed in her own house, violence returns to the town. But as the death count slowly rises, it seems that not only has violence returned – but so has the mask (and the rest?) of Brandon James. As events circle around Emma and the killer takes a personal interest in her, it seems that a twisted game is being played – and there can only be one winner.

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The Killing In The Café by Simon Brett

Killing In The CafeThe village of Fethering, on England’s South Coast, is undergoing a crisis. Polly’s Café, a mainstay of the shopping centre, is about to be sold, and the owner isn’t particularly fussed who she sells it too. Soon, Jude, professional healer and amateur sleuth, finds herself enlisted onto a committee to preserve the future of the business as a Community Café – something that, of course, requires volunteers and cooperation, neither commodity being easily available.

Jude only ended up at the meeting due to one of her clients, who came to her concerning her own mental health. Sara has been recovering from all sorts of problems and finally when she seems to be in a safe place, she stumbles across a body – in the back room of Polly’s Café. But the body vanishes, causing Sara to doubt her sanity, and when it washes up on the beach, everyone assumes that it was suicide. Everyone, of course, apart from Jude and her friend Carole…

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The TBR Book Tag

This one’s Cleo’s fault – over at Cleopatra Loves Books, she had a go at the TBR Tag Thread, talking about her TBR pile, consisting of 173 books. And it got me thinking – as you may recall, I tend to get a bit fascinated with statistics.

STATISTICS FACT – My blog views so far this year have already equalled the views from last year already but with only 80% of the visitors. Well, I found it interesting.IMAG0642_BURST001

Anyway, one thing that I hadn’t worked out was the number of books in my TBR pile – my only answer was either “a lot” or “a [INSERT SWEARWORD OF YOUR CHOICE] lot”. Of course my wife’s answer is “too many”…

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Bryant & May – London’s Glory by Christopher Fowler

London's GLoryEarlier this year, Arthur Bryant and John May rode off into the sunset – well, actually, rode off into the fog – in Bryant and May and the Burning Man, a hugely enjoyable book which gave our heroes a poignant send-off. Possibly one of the finest farewells that I’ve ever read.

Well, they’re back. Early next year, they’re back properly in Bryant and May – Strange Tide but in the meantime, Christopher Fowler has collected his short stories of the heroic pair and their entourage, the Peculiar Crimes Unit. So prepare for some cases from the past and the present, cases taking them to a circus freak show, a London bus and, believe or not, all the way to Turkey…

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Doc On The Box – Scream Queens & Scream Episode 1

ScreamScream QueensA killer in a Hallowe’en costume stalks a bunch of students and kills them one by one. That’s a summary that could describe either of these two shows. Scream Queens has just debuted on Channel 4 in the UK and Scream (based on the excellent film and not-so-bad-as-all-that sequels) has just cropped on Netflix UK. I’ve always been partial to episodic whodunit dramas – I must get round to taking another look at Harper’s Island one day – so I thought I’d take a look at the opening episode of each of these.

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My 800th Post – Talking to Myself

800So, it’s time for my 800th post. What do you mean, you haven’t read them all? Well, there have been 599 book and audiobook reviews so far by my count, 50 TV and film reviews, 45 Puzzlys and a bunch of general ramblings, including many Top Five posts which always seem to be popular – note to self: must update these sometime.

But I try and do something a little different for my anniversary posts (when I notice them, that is). So for this one, I’m going to take some questions – some that have cropped up in comments from time to time and others that I’ve just made up and basically interview myself. Off I go…

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The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – October 2015

It’s fair to say that October has been a bit of a Golden Age-y month on the blog, with Carr, Christie, Farjeon, Haynes and Rutland all getting some attention from me. This is for a few reasons, but mostly due to the British Library and Dean Street Press sending me stuff for review. And I never say no to a free book. Actually, that’s not true – I’ve said no to a lot of things recently, due to being thrillers or supernatural stuff, rather than mysteries. But I won’t say no to a mystery – or even a thriller that’s pretending to be a mystery, as is the case with one of the reviews this month. Yes, I’m looking at you, Mr Farjeon…

But there’s a bundle of other stuff this month – fourteen books in total. So which one is waltzing off with the Puzzly?

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