Sherlockian Shorts – The Adventure Of The Abbey Grange

First published September 1904 in The Strand magazine, The Adventure Of The Abbey Grange is the twelfth story in the third short story collection, The Return Of Sherlock Holmes.

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Sherlockian Shorts – The Yellow Face

First published 1893 in The Strand magazine, (The Adventure of) The Yellow Face is the third story in the second short story collection, The Memoirs Of Sherlock Holmes.

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Sherlockian Shorts – The Adventure Of The Red-Headed League

First published August 1891 in The Strand magazine, The Adventure of the Red-Headed League was the second Holmes short story to appear and is the second story in the first collection, The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes.

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The Murder Of The Maharajah by H R F Keating

Murder of the Maharajah1930, India under the British Raj. People are congregating on the opulent Summer Palace of Bhopore to meet the Maharajah and his entourage – the heir to the throne, his mistress, his chief minister and the British Resident. But the Maharajah’s sense of humour is an acquired taste – his love of practical jokes, both blatant and subtle, isn’t making him any friends.

After an eventful dinner, the next morning the party head out on a hunting exhibition – but a gun backfires and his highness Maharajahdhiraj Raj Rajeshwar Lieutenant Sri Sri Sri Sahib Bahadur Mahapundit Mahasurma Sir Albert Singhji, Grand Commander Of The Order Of The Star Of India, Grand Commander Of The Order Of The Indian Empire, Doctor Of Literature (Benares), Maharajah of Bhopore lies dead. But it was no accident…

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Death Of An Avid Reader by Frances Brody

Death Of An Avid ReaderKate Shackleton has developed quite a reputation as a detective, with a particular skill at finding missing people. So when Lady Coulton needs someone found discretely – an illegitimate daughter – Kate is soon put to work. But as her investigation proceeds, she finds herself distracted by a murder in the Leeds library.

The police have a ready-made suspect – an apparent vagrant, found unconscious near the body with a bag of gold sovereigns, dying from pneumonia. The perfect suspect, only Kate has serious doubts about whether he would have had the strength to murder the victim – or do anything, really. But with the police convinced, it’s up to Kate to find the real killer. Is it possible that the missing girl is involved in the murder as well? And where did that monkey come from?

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A Killing Kindness by Reginald Hill

A Killing KindnessYorkshire, 1980, and Andy Dalziel and Peter Pascoe have  a serial killer on their hands. The Yorkshire Choker is strangling young women and then calling the local paper with quotations from Hamlet. Andy Dalziel is more than capable of dealing with your average murderer. But he’s going to have to deal with more a murderer this time…

Psychics, linguists, psychologists. They all have something to say to the police to help them with their enquiries. And Dalziel has something he wants to say to them. One word, four letters, followed by the word “Off”. But as the deaths continue and the police seem to be making little progress, any help is better than no help. Isn’t it?

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Murder On The Blackboard by Stuart Palmer

Murder On The BlackboardMiss Hildegarde Withers has investigated a couple of murders so far – she first appeared in The Penguin Pool Murder – but didn’t expect to find a corpse in her own school. But after school one evening, as she is holding detention, she realises that the young teacher Alice Halloran is still on the premises. Looking around, she finds her with a nasty head wound in the cloakroom.

Off she rushes to find her friend Inspector Piper, but when they return, the body has vanished. Worse, as he heads to the basement, Piper is knocked out and sent to the hospital. With the rest of the police force seemingly having one brain cell between them, it’s up to Miss Withers to find the truth – is it the janitor, as the police seem to think, or is the truth just a little more complicated?

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