Other Historical Mysteries

Having set up the Paul Doherty page, I’ve decided to set up an index of my other historical mystery reviews. Note that I’ve no intention of necessarily building up a complete set of reviews for all of the authors here, but I thought I’d include the bibliography of the series that I intend to return to.

Set in the 7th century, primarily in Ireland, featuring advocate/nun Sister Fidelma and her compatriot, Brother Eadulf.

Set in early 14th Century Devon during the reign of Edward II, this series features Sir Baldwin Furnshill, ex-Knight Templar and Simon Puttock, bailiff of the area.

Set during the turn of the century – technically between The Final Problem and The Empty House – featuring Old Red, the illiterate genius and Holmes-emulator, and his brother and biographer Big Red.

Set during the reign of Henry II, Adelia Aguilar is the Mistress of the Art of Death, an early anatomist.

Other Historical Reviews:

For an overview of other historical mystery series, please check out the timeline page.

2 Responses to Other Historical Mysteries

  1. TomCat says:

    You forgot to list the Judge Dee mysteries by Robert van Gulik!

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