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Blast From The Past by J E Fishman

New York City, almost ten years from the day that Triangle Flight 699 exploded. Federal investigators have always deemed it a tragic accident but some people believe it was more than that. NYPD dog handler Keiran Lehane is one of … Continue reading

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The Skin Collector by Jeffery Deaver

New York City. In the basement of the shop where she works, Chloe Moore is drugged and taken underground. There, at the mercy of her abductor, she is tattooed with a message – simply the phrase “the second”. But Chloe … Continue reading

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The Kill Room by Jeffery Deaver

Robert Moreno, an American citizen in the Bahamas, is assassinated – murdered by a near-impossible shot, apparently on the orders of the US government. Moreno was suspected of planning a terrorist strike on US soil, but the evidence for that … Continue reading

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XO by Jeffery Deaver

Kayleigh Towne is the latest star of the Country music scene. Basically think Taylor Swift and you’re not far away. Edwin Sharp is her biggest fan, sending her letters signed “XO”. Lots of letters. All declaring his undying love for … Continue reading

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Dead Scared by S J Bolton

DC Lacey Flint, still recovering from the events of Now You See Me, is contacted by boss and part-time love interest DI Mark Joesbury with an assignment. Go to St John’s College at Cambridge University, pretending to be a student, … Continue reading

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Now You See Me by S J Bolton aka Sharon Bolton

London, present day. DC Lacey Flint has an obsession with the long-unsolved mystery of Jack the Ripper, but has yet to be involved in a murder case. But when a dying woman accosts her in the street, she is engulfed … Continue reading

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Birthdays For The Dead by Stuart MacBride

A girl disappears just before her thirteenth birthday. One year later, a birthday card is sent to her parents, containing a photograph of their daughter. As the years go by, the photographs appear with unerring regularity. And in each picture, … Continue reading

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