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Shadows In The Night by Jane Finnis

AD 91, Erbercus, Britain. The Romans have annexed Britain as part of their Empire fifty years previously and now the Roman and native population live side-by-side. Despite the time that has passed, this is not a peaceful co-habitation, and things … Continue reading

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I, Claudia by Marilyn Todd

13 BC, Rome. Claudia Seferius has, on the surface, a good life. Married to a wealthy Roman wine merchant, she has money, status and a happy marriage. Well, not really. Her husband has married her as a status symbol, she … Continue reading

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The Godless Man by Paul Doherty

334 AD, and Alexander is pushing forward into the Persian empire, much to the chagrin of the emperor Darius. Arriving in Ephesus, a newly taken prize, in order to plan his next advance, he finds a divided city being taunted … Continue reading

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An End To “Original Sins”

As regular readers will have noticed, I’ve been doing an occasional thread called “Original Sins” concerning mysteries set in the Ancient World. There’s been nine books in total, far fewer than I intended, but it’s time to draw the thread … Continue reading

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A Coin For The Ferryman by Rosemary Rowe

187 AD, Roman Britain. Libertus, an ex-slave turned pavement maker with a sideline in solving mysteries is freeing his slave and sidekick Junio, and adopting him as well. But when a body is found when the ground is being cleared … Continue reading

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The Song of the Gladiator by Paul Doherty

313 AD, Rome. Constantine, the Emperor of the West, has summoned a meeting between the various factions of the Christian Church in an effort to dampen the frictions between the various beliefs. Constantine has endorsed Christianity while (possibly) not believing … Continue reading

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Roman Blood by Steven Saylor

80 BC and the Roman Republic (not an Empire just yet) is ruled by the dictator Sulla. Cicero (yes, that one) is defending Sextus Roscius who has been accused of murdering his own father. Enter Gordianus, nicknamed “The Finder”, an … Continue reading

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