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The Herald Of Hell by Paul Doherty

London, May 1381, and the Great Uprising, the Peasants’ Revolt, is nigh. As the Upright Men move their foot-soldiers into position and John of Gaunt seeks to turn matters to his benefit, the Herald of Hell is stalking the streets. … Continue reading

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Dancing With Demons by Peter Tremayne

Ireland, AD 669, one year after the events of A Prayer For The Damned. Sechnussach, the High King of Ireland is sleeping in his chambers when Dubh Duin, the chieftain of the clan Cinél Cairpre walks in and cuts the … Continue reading

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The Masked Man by Paul Doherty

In 1669, a man was arrested and housed in a number of jails, including the Bastille. He was in the custody of the same jailer until the prisoner’s death in 1703. He was rarely seen but when he was, he … Continue reading

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The Time Of Murder At Mayerling by Ann Dukthas aka Paul Doherty

30 January 1889, the royal hunting lodge in the village of Mayerling in Austria. Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria and Baroness Mary Vetsera lie dead, victims apparently of a suicide pact. This was a momentous historical event that led to … Continue reading

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The Mad Monk Of Gidleigh by Michael Jecks

Winter 1323, Dartmoor. Mark has been isolated as the parish priest of the town of Gidleigh, his high hopes of a promotion into the Bishop’s staff or even just a reconciliation with his father fading with time. And then a … Continue reading

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Captain Cut-Throat by John Dickson Carr

1805, Northern France, and Napoleon’s forces stand ready to cross the Channel and invade England. But here is dissention in the ranks as the night is patrolled by a shadowy figure, killing without a trace, leaving a note, signed Captain … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Acolyte by Michael Jecks

Once upon a time, a monk from Tavistock saw fit to steal his Abbot’s wine. As punishment for his crime, he was lured onto the Devonshire moors by the devil himself and murdered. The story has been told throughout the … Continue reading

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