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Happy New Year 2016

It’s the 1st of January and, since 1752, that means it’s New Year’s Day (it was March 25th in 1751, apparently – take a look on Wikipedia if you don’t believe me!). And as it’s New Year’s Day, people are … Continue reading

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Review Of The Year – 2015

And so 2015 draws to a close and it must be time for my annual round-up. On the off-chance that you haven’t read and memorised everything that I’ve written over the past year (and why not?), here’s my summary of … Continue reading

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My Fifth Blogiversary – My Most Commented On Posts

The 20th of December. The day that Richard I was captured by Leopold of Austria on the way back from the third Crusade. The day It’s A Wonderful Life was first released in New York City. The day that Cardiff … Continue reading

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Reading Bingo – 2015

Cleo‘s fault again, I’m afraid, but I can’t resist this sort of challenge – one that doesn’t change my reading plans. Basically, it’s a Bingo card to review your reading for the year. So I thought I’d take a look … Continue reading

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The TBR Book Tag

This one’s Cleo’s fault – over at Cleopatra Loves Books, she had a go at the TBR Tag Thread, talking about her TBR pile, consisting of 173 books. And it got me thinking – as you may recall, I tend … Continue reading

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My 800th Post – Talking to Myself

So, it’s time for my 800th post. What do you mean, you haven’t read them all? Well, there have been 599 book and audiobook reviews so far by my count, 50 TV and film reviews, 45 Puzzlys and a bunch of … Continue reading

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A Bit Of A Ramble – John Dickson Carr’s Great Works

A slight deviation from the norm today, inspired by a comment that Sergio, from Tipping My Fedora, left on my review of John Dickson Carr’s The Dead Man’s Knock, a rather unimpressive outing for Gideon Fell in my book. While … Continue reading

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