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Doc On The Box – Death In Paradise Series Four – Half-time Round-Up

So we’re halfway through Series Four of Death In Paradise – you know, possibly the only current television show with properly constructed mysteries. Seriously, did you see Midsomer Murders the other night? Fun, yes, but someone tossed a coin in … Continue reading

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Doc On The Box – 24 – Live Another Day

It’s been four years since Jack Bauer disappeared with most of the world’s governments looking for him – and not to take him out for dinner, if you know what I mean. But in London, Jack has resurfaced, seemingly getting … Continue reading

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Doc On The Box – Death In Paradise, Series 4 Episode 1

Elias Thomson runs a rum plantation on the island of Saint Marie, but the business is failing. Workers are disturbed that the plantation is haunted by the ghost of Mama Beth, a worker killed during the nineteenth century, so Thomson … Continue reading

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Doc On The Box – Broadchurch Episode 2.1

Everyone else seems to be saying things about it, so I’ll chip in too. In case you missed the fact, Broadchurch returned to our screens last night. Time has moved on from the end of the previous series – which … Continue reading

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A Meditation On Murder by Robert Thorogood

Aslan Kennedy is the leader of a spiritual retreat on Saint-Marie, an island in the Caribbean. Every morning, he rises with the sun, takes five clients for a swim and then meditates with them locked inside a tent made of … Continue reading

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Mr Monk On Patrol by Lee Goldberg

You may have encountered Adrian Monk before. As played by Tony Shaloub on television for eight years, he’s the world’s greatest detective – a former San Francisco police detective who had a nervous breakdown after the murder of his wife, … Continue reading

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Non-Stop – Puzzle Doctor At The Movies

Non-Stop or “Liam On A Plane”. Liam Neeson is Bill Marks, an Air Marshall on a non-stop (hey, that’s the title!) flight across the Atlantic. After a brief hint at the fact that Marks has some personal issues (who’d have … Continue reading

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