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The Serpent Amongst The Lilies by Paul Doherty

In the reign of Henry VI, the lands in France that were taken by his father, Henry V, are being taken back by the French, under the leadership of Jehanne D’Arc, a young peasant girl being led by visions from … Continue reading

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The Spies Of Sobeck by Paul Doherty

1477 BC, Ancient Egypt – well, Egypt, the date implies the “Ancient” bit, doesn’t it? Sorry, digressed a bit there. Right, start again. 1477 BC, Egypt, and Pharaoh Hatusu returns to Thebes only find rumbling of danger from neighbouring Nubia. … Continue reading

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The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – September 2014

Well, that’s another month out of the way – September 2014 has swept past us. September always seems to be a short month for me, as the first month of the school year always keeps me busy. Being laid low … Continue reading

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The Book Of Fires by Paul Doherty

London, 1381. Serjeant Richard Sutler is celebrating the successful prosecution of Lady Isolda Beaumont for the poisoning of her husband, Sir Walter Beaumont. There is one punishment for such a crime – Isolda was burned to death. As Sutler wends … Continue reading

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The Queen Of The Night by Paul Doherty

Rome, AD 314, is beset by problems. The children of the city’s richest families are being kidnapped for ransom from places previously believed to be safe, the kidnappers disappearing without trace. Meanwhile, veterans from a Roman campaign against the Picts … Continue reading

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The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book of the Month – June 2014

June – busy for a number of reasons that I’ve mentioned already. Add in a trip to London to watch Richard Armitage in The Crucible – good, if a bit arty, but a warning that it’s nearly four hours long … Continue reading

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Roseblood by Paul Doherty

1450, London. Amidst the chaos of the uprising led by Jack Cade, the French mercenaries known only as LeCorbeil seize Edmund Roseblood and execute him. His final thought is that his brother, Simon Roseblood will avenge him. Five years later, … Continue reading

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