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Hag’s Nook by John Dickson Carr

“Worst of all, the man’s a mathematician. Pah!” The Starbeth family lived in a prison, a prison built to surround the gibbet where witches were hanged in days past – the so-called Hag’s Nook. And the family has a legend … Continue reading

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The Men Who Explained Miracles by John Dickson Carr

Following on from my review of Leo Bruce’s collection of short stories, Murder In Miniature, I thought I’d finish up my reading for January with another such collection, this one from John Dickson Carr, published in 1963 but containing stories … Continue reading

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Night At The Mocking Widow by Carter Dickson

A shadow is hanging over Stoke Druid a village in Somerset. A campaign of poison pen letters is setting the villagers on edge, driving one young girl to suicide. The letters are signed by The Mocking Widow, a figure from … Continue reading

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#1941Book – A Quick List

You may have spotted that every month, I take part in Past Offences’ Crimes Of The Century meme. I don’t often take part in Challenges, as I’ve found in the past that it ends up dictating what I read a … Continue reading

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Reading Bingo – 2015

Cleo‘s fault again, I’m afraid, but I can’t resist this sort of challenge – one that doesn’t change my reading plans. Basically, it’s a Bingo card to review your reading for the year. So I thought I’d take a look … Continue reading

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The Sleeping Sphinx by John Dickson Carr

Isn’t it always the way? You’ve been off on a secret mission for Army Intelligence during the war, having been declared dead and – whoops – forgot to ensure that your nearest and dearest were informed. And then when you … Continue reading

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A Bit Of A Ramble: Agatha Christie vs John Dickson Carr

In a recent blog post, I discussed the strange career of John Dickson Carr – namely that almost all of the novels that he is famed for, all of his greatest works, appeared in a fifteen year period in the … Continue reading

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