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Hallowe’en Party by Agatha Christie

“I saw a murder once.” And so thirteen-year-old Joyce Reynolds signs her own death warrant. Later that night, at a Hallowe’en party (as observant readers of the title may well have deduced), Joyce is found dead, drowned in the apple-bobbing … Continue reading

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A Bit Of A Ramble: Agatha Christie vs John Dickson Carr

In a recent blog post, I discussed the strange career of John Dickson Carr – namely that almost all of the novels that he is famed for, all of his greatest works, appeared in a fifteen year period in the … Continue reading

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Appointment With Death by Agatha Christie

Following his fateful trip down the Nile, Poirot is dining in Jerusalem when he overhears a snatch of conversation – “You do see, don’t you, that she’s got to be killed?” The “she” in question is Mrs Boynton, a horrible … Continue reading

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The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie

1919, London. Thomas Beresford, a recently demobbed soldier and Prudence “Tuppence” Cowley meet up for the first time again in three years. They’re both broke and rather bored, so they decide to set up “The Young Adventurers, Ltd”. Before you … Continue reading

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Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie

Rosemary Barton sat down to dinner with six friends at the Hotel “Luxembourg”. She drank a toast and collapsed, dead by cyanide poisoning (which you’d never guess from the title, would you?) All of the usual suspects for a murder … Continue reading

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Murder Will Out by Alison Joseph

1923, a small village in Berkshire. The war is over and village life is beginning to return to something resembling normality. A young writer is beginning to find success with her mystery novels but when trying to concentrate on her … Continue reading

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Another Murder On The Orient Express

News has reached the ears of Puzzle Doctor (via the mainstream media, not due to any particular contacts) that there’s an Agatha Christie movie in the works, with Kenneth Branagh attached to direct. And that film is… well, the title … Continue reading

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