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I'm a mathematician by nature and as such have always been drawn to the logical side of things. Hence my two main hobbies being classic mysteries and logical puzzling. Oh, and cats. No logic there, I'm afraid.

The Killing Of Polly Carter by Robert Thorogood

Detective Inspector Richard Poole is trapped in his own private hell. Not that anyone else would consider the paradise of Saint-Marie hell, but Richard Poole is a special individual. And, of course, he’s also a damn fine detective. Which is … Continue reading

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Silent Nights: Christmas Mysteries edited by Martin Edwards

It’s Christmas! Well, no, it’s November, but it’s the time to start thinking about ordering the turkey, feeding the Christmas cake, writing letters to Santa detailing that first edition of The Black Spectacles that you’d like the elves to make … Continue reading

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Bleeding Hooks by Harriet Rutland

Welcome to Aberllyn, a village in Wales, and in particular The Fisherman’s Rest, an inn that provides accommodation for those individuals who think nothing more enticing that sitting at the side of a lake (or, should the mood take them, … Continue reading

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A Bird In The Hand by Ann Cleeves

Tom French is one of the most well-known birdwatchers amongst the twitcher community. Sorry, I meant that he was one of the most well-known – as somebody smashed his head in and left him in the marsh near the town … Continue reading

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Sherlockian Short – The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle

First published 1892 in The Strand magazine, The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle is the seventh story in the first collection, The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes.

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Death Of An Airman by Christopher St John Sprigg

All together now… “Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines, They go up diddly-up-up, They go down diddly-own-down” This applies perfectly to George Furnace, flight instructor of Baston Aero Club, but when he goes down diddly-own-down, he does so rather rapidly … Continue reading

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The Pit-Prop Syndicate by Freeman Wills Crofts

Seymour Merriman is holidaying in Bordeaux when to his horror, he runs out of petrol. Luckily, he gets a lift to a nearby plant that constructs pit-props – you know, those wooden things that keep a mine’s ceiling from falling … Continue reading

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