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About me – have read detective fiction since very young, starting with the Hardy Boys and progressing to the proper stuff. Most important for me is the proper mystery – books about crime in general don’t interest me, there’s got to be a puzzle to work out. At the time of writing, my default choice of book is the historical mystery, but I do not intend to limit myself to any particular sub-genre.

Always liked logical puzzles in any shape or form, hence my membership of (and twice captaining) the UK team at the World Puzzle Championship three times so far. Feel free to check out the UKPA website.

I have a mathematical brain, having a couple of degrees in the subject and now spend my non-reading or puzzling time imparting the subject to a captive audience at school.

I am currently building up a bibliography of reviews of both Ellery Queen and Paul Doherty although I intend to continue to include other works as well.

I do hope you enjoy my somewhat random thoughts.

If you want to contact me directly – for general queries or review requests – then my email address is

My review policy is simple – if I am sent a copy of a book to review, electronic or physical, then I will only write a review if I have positive things to say about it. If not, then I simply won’t post a review, but will email you with my reasons. This has only happened on a couple of occasions, usually because I wasn’t the target audience. If I bought the book, even for a pittance, then I’ll review it regardless of what I thought of it. I think that’s fair.

I’d appreciate it if any significant part of the blog was regurgitated anywhere, then do credit me on it – please don’t take the blame for my thoughts. The one exception is blurb writers – feel free to spread my thoughts all over your book covers or websites!

11 Responses to The Author

  1. Bill says:

    Good day,

    I didn’t see another way to contact you at the site so here goes. I publish the Traditional Mysteries blog and I’m inviting a few other mystery bloggers to take part in a roundtable podcast. If you’d like more details feel free to contact me by email or Twitter.


  2. Frank says:

    How do you go about selecting the crime authors on your website? For example, you mention an interest in math so have you read detective novels that feature math profs such as John Dobie by Desmond Cory? I ‘ve enjoyed your website


    • Thanks for the kind words.

      How do I pick the books? An excellent question – pretty much at random. I’ve a magpie-like attention span, hence the many ongoing challenges/bibliographies. Certain authors who impress me will obviously get revisited – for example Nev Fountain, Martin Edwards, Kate Ellis and obviously Paul Doherty, but I’m always trying to find new authors as well. My one “rule” is to try and stick to authors who are still in print, although I bend that for Ellery Queen and John Dickson Carr.

      I tend as well to only pick up titles that seem to have a genuine mystery in the story – but again, that gets bent with authors that I’ve enjoyed in the past – Lee Child and Jeffrey Deaver spring to mind.

      Sometimes I plan to read certain books but change my mind – depending on my mood. A busy week and I’ll pick something that’s an easy read. Plenty of time and I’ll pick something with a bit more depth – not too much, though.

      Anyway, thanks for the recommendation – those books aren’t on Kindle but I’ll keep an eye out them.


  3. Following a lead (your ‘like’ on my #atozchallenge post today on Mysteries) I discovered a cast of characters that are all suspects in a really interesting blog.


  4. Colin says:

    I’ve nominated your site for a WordPress family award –


  5. Steve mate – just a quickie to let you know that I nominated you for a WordPress Family Award – normally I don;t go in for such things, but … wouldn’t have started Fedora without your example, so thanks!


  6. JFW says:

    Hey Puzzle Doctor,

    I very much enjoy your reviews, and I especially appreciate the focus on contemporary novels that inherit the great values/ priorities of the Golden Age Mystery genre. :)

    I’m wondering if you’ve come across ‘The Strings of Murder’ published few months ago? From the blurb it seems to me to be a neat fit with your website.


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