The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – November 2013

November – not the most successful month for me in terms of reading. Busy times at work and starting to look for a new house has meant little time for reading. My apologies again if you’re waiting for a review from me – it’ll be appearing soon, I promise.

After a quick count, this month’s tally was seven books – OK, one of them wasn’t really reviewed, but mentioned as part of the Doctor Who-dunit strand that also distracted me a bit this month. I’m positive that seven books is actually pretty OK, but it felt like less. Anyway, let’s have a look to see what was the best one…

In order, the books were:

You can always tell when it’s been a tricky month for me when not only do I read two Paul Doherty books, but I dip into the last book in one of my favourite series. And while The Fate Of Princes was a little disappointing – it’s a great read but the companion piece, Dove Amongst The Hawks, was better – The Mysterium, the final (for now, hopefully) adventure for Sir Hugh Corbett didn’t disappoint. Seriously, that series never disappointed me since The Prince Of Darkness and every month has been a seriously contender for the Puzzly.

The Marriage Hearse is another serious contender – another strong entry into the Wesley Peterson series from Kate Ellis. Mention should also go to The Sherlock Holmes Stories of Edward D Hoch – and I’ll mention again the number of e-collections of the author’s work. I’d strongly recommend Leopold’s Way – twenty two fantastic short mysteries which, if I had my treasured hardback copy to hand (which goes for about £100 on Amazon these days) then a review would be imminent.

Hmmm, right, a special Puzzly award this month – to the entire Hugh Corbett series from Paul Doherty (and in particular The Mysterium). Hence the lovely wallpaper for the next month. And Paul, if you’re reading this – please write some more…

And if I remember to link it this month, do check out my fellow bloggers’ books of the month courtesy of the Mysteries In Paradise blog.

About Puzzle Doctor

I'm a mathematician by nature and as such have always been drawn to the logical side of things. Hence my two main hobbies being classic mysteries and logical puzzling. Oh, and cats. No logic there, I'm afraid.
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4 Responses to The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – November 2013

  1. TracyK says:

    Doesn’t sound like a bad month at all to me. I only read five mysteries this month, a very low month for this year. And I can’t even gather up the energy to do a summing up post. Regardless, I am glad that you enjoyed all of the Hugh Corbett series and congratulations for finishing it.


  2. Bev Hankins says:

    I have great respect for you and your love of the Paul Doherty books. I really need to sit down and try more of his work (my one and only experience didn’t go well–probably the timing was off). It’s a shame that you don’t have more oft the Corbett series left. I know how I hate to finish the last book in a series I enjoy. Hope you have a good reading month in December!


  3. This is slightly off-topic, but Mysterious Press is having a big sale today on several of their e-books. I don’t know what other writers are on sale, but all of the Ellery Queen books are $1.99 today.


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