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From Doon With Death by Ruth Rendell

There’s quite a list of authors that I should have read more of – but probably right at the top of that list is Ruth Rendell. And for no better reason than the fact that I found it on my … Continue reading

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Roman Blood by Steven Saylor

80 BC and the Roman Republic (not an Empire just yet) is ruled by the dictator Sulla. Cicero (yes, that one) is defending Sextus Roscius who has been accused of murdering his own father. Enter Gordianus, nicknamed “The Finder”, an … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Papers by Martin Edwards

Harry Devlin, the Liverpool lawyer introduced in the classic All The Lonely People, went on to feature in seven books in total, culminating, so far, with the equally impressive Waterloo Sunset. I don’t think that there are any immediate plans … Continue reading

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Death Of A Gossip by M C Beaton

Hamish Macbeth, village constable of Lochdubh, smells trouble when he is mooching around the latest members of a fishing school. When Lady Jane Withers goes out of her way to annoy every single member of the party (and the hosts) … Continue reading

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The Plague Maiden by Kate Ellis

Huntleys Supermarket isn’t having the best of times. After a woman dies of botulism poisoning, anonymous letters warn of more contaminated goods. The excavation of the site for the new store has uncovered an apparent plague pit from the fourteenth … Continue reading

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Locked In by Kerry Wilkinson

A house in Manchester contains a surprise for Jessica Daniel. Not the dead body – she’s a Detective Sergeant, she’s used to that sort of thing. It’s the fact that the house was completely locked up, with all of the … Continue reading

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Act of Mercy by Peter Tremayne

When last we (OK, I) saw Sister Fidelma, in The Monk Who Vanished, she was having a crisis of faith and duty (and with regard to her feeling for Brother Eadulf) so she decides that it’s time for a pilgrimage … Continue reading

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