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The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book of the Month – November 2012

‘Nother Chance November has rolled to a close, and there will a number of authors that I didn’t get round to. Never mind, it’s not as if I’ll be ignoring them in the future. Anyway, let’s see what I got … Continue reading

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Mistress Of The Art Of Death by Ariana Franklin

“The first decent historical mystery of the blog so far.” That was how I described The Death Maze, the second book in the series by the late Ariana Franklin concerning Adelia Aguilar, the first female anatomist. So, in my typical … Continue reading

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Heresy by S J Parris

1583, Oxford. Giordano Bruno, a philosopher on the run from the Inquisition, has arrived to debate the Copernicun universe with the head of Lincoln College. But he is there for other reasons to – to seek a heretical manuscript that … Continue reading

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The Midwife’s Tale by Sam Thomas

June 1644, York. The city is under siege. As the Civil War rages across England, the Royalist city stands firm against the Parliamentarian forces outside the walls. Inside the city walls, Lady Bridget Hodgson, continues her essential job – delivering … Continue reading

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The Merchant Of Death by C L Grace aka Paul Doherty

December, 1471, the city of Canterbury. A painter, Richard Blunt, stands accused of murdering his young wife and her two lovers. Meanwhile, at The Wicker Man tavern, Reginald Erphingham, tax-collector extraordinaire and all-round bad egg is found poisoned, locked inside … Continue reading

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Holy Smoke: A Jerusalem Mystery by Frederick Ramsay

29 CE, Jerusalem. The Holy of Holies in the Temple is a place that no man may enter, save for the High Priest, and even then on the rarest of occasions. But when a corpse is found in that sacred … Continue reading

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Skyfall – Puzzle Doctor at the Movies

Well,  it’ll be a few days before my next book review. Struggling a bit with a longer than average historical mystery and simultaneously savouring a preview copy of a rather intriguing mystery in 1st century Jerusalem. And also Mrs Puzzle … Continue reading

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