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Birthdays For The Dead by Stuart MacBride

A girl disappears just before her thirteenth birthday. One year later, a birthday card is sent to her parents, containing a photograph of their daughter. As the years go by, the photographs appear with unerring regularity. And in each picture, … Continue reading

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The Dime Museum Murders by Daniel Stashower

Harry Houdini – master escapologist, somewhat mediocre magician and now detective? While working at a dime museum in order to make ends meet, Houdini and his brother,  Dash Hardeen, are called upon to give their expertise in a tricky matter … Continue reading

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Bryant & May On The Loose by Christopher Fowler

There have been certain authors that I’ve always meant to include in my blog. I’ve finally got round to M V Carey and, inspired by ticking that box, it’s time to include the final author on my mental list. Christopher … Continue reading

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The Secret Of The Haunted Mirror by M V Carey

Or, Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in The Secret of the Haunted Mirror, to be precise. But that wouldn’t fit in the title bar. Having recently written my first review of a mystery aimed at children, namely Death In … Continue reading

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The Killings At Badger’s Drift by Caroline Graham

And cue the theramin! 91 episodes at ninety minutes (excluding adverts), ITV has provided us with almost six soild days of Midsomer Murders since the inception of the series back in 1996 – one almost forgets that the popular programme … Continue reading

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No Coffin For The Corpse by Clayton Rawson

Murdering someone in the Golden Age of Detective Fiction wasn’t ever a straightforward affair – especially when someone just won’t stay dead and buried. It’s even more inconvenient when that zombi decides that it’s time for revenge – no matter … Continue reading

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Cadaver In Chief by Steve Hockensmith

A Presidential election is coming soon in the US, and incumbent republican Brick Bradley is ahead in the polls, despite the hint of scandal. No, not the stories about the vice-president, but it seems that there’s a cover-up concerning an … Continue reading

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