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The White Rose Murders by Michael Clynes aka Paul Doherty

It’s 1517, Henry VIII is on the throne and James IV of Scotland has just been killed on the battlefield at Flodden. His widow, Margaret, Henry’s sister has fled to England and wishes to be restored to Scotland where her … Continue reading

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The Chinese Orange Mystery by Ellery Queen

A complete stranger is found dead in an office waiting room. No-one seems to know who he is, no-one seems to know what he was doing there and most importantly of all, no-one knows why everything in the murder scene, … Continue reading

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The Cipher Garden by Martin Edwards

The Cipher Garden is the second in a series of mystery novels set in the Lake District written by Martin Edwards. They concern the historian Daniel Kind, who has relocated to the area, and DCI Hannah Scarlett, who used to work … Continue reading

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Murder’s Immortal Mask by Paul Doherty

It’s 314 AD and a body-ripping, eye-gouging killer of Rome’s prostitutes, the Nefandus, has returned after years of absence to haunt the night. In the meantime Attius Enobarbus, a henchman of the previous emperor Maxentius and keeper of the secret … Continue reading

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Local Bookshop Update

You may recall my earlier post concerning the promising chat I had with the staff member in charge of the crime department in my local Waterstones concerning the distinct lack of historical crime novels and, in particular, Paul Doherty’s work. … Continue reading

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The Siamese Twin Mystery by Ellery Queen

A very different mystery for Ellery Queen this time. In the equivalent of the British “Country House”-style murder, Ellery and his dad are trapped in a house with a bunch of rather odd characters on top of a mountain while … Continue reading

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Death On The Downs by Simon Brett

Death on the Downs is the second of the Fethering Mysteries by Simon Brett, featuring retired civil servant Carole Seddon and her mysterious neighbour Jude (no surname, at least not yet), set in and around the village of Fethering on … Continue reading

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