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The Saltmarsh Murders by Gladys Mitchell

Gladys Mitchell was born in 1901 and, between 1929 and her death in 1984, produced 66 novels featuring her eccentric sleuth Mrs Bradley. That’s twice as many as Christie wrote featuring Poirot and five times as many as Miss Marple. As such, she … Continue reading

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The Finishing Stroke by Ellery Queen

I mentioned in the last post that I would be taking part in the Alphabet of Crime Fiction, so here’s F for (The) Finishing Stroke. Do visit the site for other people’s Fs. As I stated in an earlier post, … Continue reading

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The Alphabet in Crime Fiction

With my usual impeccable timing, I’ve come across this community meme over at Mysteries In Paradise. I’m sure my regular readers have already come across it, but forgive me – I’m slow. Here are the rules Each week, beginning Monday … Continue reading

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Bloodhounds by Peter Lovesey

After being somewhat disappointed with The False Inspector Dew, I was determined to give Peter Lovesey another try, so I figured Bloodhounds, featuring Lovesey’s current series detective, Superintendent Peter Diamond and also a locked room mystery – in fact the … Continue reading

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Buried for Pleasure by Edmund Crispin

Edmund Crispin, in reality Robert Bruce Montgomery, wrote nine mystery novels and two short story collections featuring Gervase Fen, a crime-solving Oxford Professor of English. The finest of these is generally regarded to be The Moving Toyshop, but I’ve also … Continue reading

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From The Dead by Mark Billingham

One of the points of this blog is to look for what I would consider classic murder mysteries being published today. As such I do need to look away from the hoard of old paperbacks that I’ve obtained from eBay … Continue reading

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