Bernard Knight

Bernard Knight has written this series of mysteries featuring Sir John de Wolfe, the King’s Crowner (i.e. Coroner) for Devon, during the reign of Richard I.

An introduction to Crowner John, coroner of Exeter. When a crusader is found stabbed to death, John’s brother-in-law, the local sheriff, is keen to make a quick arrest and conviction. But a second similar death throws everything into confusion.

  • The Poisoned Chalice (1998)
  • Crowner’s Quest (1999)
  • The Awful Secret (2000)
  • The Tinner’s Corpse (2001)
  • The Grim Reaper (2002)
  • Fear In The Forest (2003)
  • The Witch Hunter (2004)
  • Figure of Hate (2005)
  • The Elixir of Death (2006)
  • The Noble Outlaw (2007)
  • The Manor of Death (2008)
  • Crowner Royal (2009)
  • A Plague of Heretics (2010)

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