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Shadows In The Night by Jane Finnis

AD 91, Erbercus, Britain. The Romans have annexed Britain as part of their Empire fifty years previously and now the Roman and native population live side-by-side. Despite the time that has passed, this is not a peaceful co-habitation, and things … Continue reading

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Locked In by Kerry Wilkinson

A house in Manchester contains a surprise for Jessica Daniel. Not the dead body – she’s a Detective Sergeant, she’s used to that sort of thing. It’s the fact that the house was completely locked up, with all of the … Continue reading

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Murder In The Maze by J J Connington

Whistlefield is a picturesque country house, with a lovely hedge maze in the garden. It’s a special maze, as it has two centres – open areas where the twin brothers, Roger and Neville Shandon sometimes go for a bit of … Continue reading

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Furies by D L Johnstone

Alexandria, 36 AD. Decimus Tarquitius Aculeo, a Roman businessman is ruined as his fleet of ships and their cargo has been lost. As his wife leaves for Rome, taking his son with her, Aculeo descends into a drunken depression. That … Continue reading

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Nine Man’s Murder by Eric Keith

It’s always nice to start with the reason I picked the book in question to review. Unfortunately, I haven’t the faintest idea how it got on my Kindle… Apparently I paid for it, and it wasn’t a bargain (reasonable price … Continue reading

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A Good Soldier by Jeffrey Marks

It was a while ago that I reviewed The Ambush Of My Name by Jeffrey Marks. I honestly can’t remember who recommended it to me, but it was a little gem. Ulysses S Grant, in the aftermath of the Civil … Continue reading

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The Seven Wonders of Crime by Paul Halter

A lighthouse keeper is found burned to death inside his locked lighthouse. A man is shot dead from a crossbow bolt, fired apparently from the sky. Each time, the police receive a cryptic warning, unfortunately too cryptic to be understood … Continue reading

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The Gallows Murders by Paul Doherty

The summer of 1523, and London is ravaged by sickness. As Roger Shallot expands his career into the dubious medicine business, King Henry VIII retires to Windsor, only to begin receiving threatening demands. Letters have been received questioning Henry’s right … Continue reading

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The Treason Of The Ghosts by Paul Doherty

Five years previously, the village of Melford was plagued by a terrible killer, violating and murdering a string of young women. Sir Roger Chapeleys was tried, convicted and executed of the crimes and peace reigned once more… for a while. … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Domain by Paul Doherty

Finally, the last of my holiday reading and it’s another from my favourite series of historical mysteries, those featuring Brother Athelstan and Sir John Cranston, coroner of London, in the early years of the reign of Richard II. There is … Continue reading

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