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Mrs Pargeter’s Package by Simon Brett

Mrs Pargeter enjoys travelling, but a package holiday to Corfu isn’t usually what she would have chosen. But her recently widowed friend has asked her to accompany her and Mrs Pargeter is not one to let her friends down. When … Continue reading

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The Strangling On The Stage by Simon Brett

Amateur dramatics in the Fethering area and the production of Shaw’s The Devil’s Disciple is undergoing a few hiccups. There’s in-fighting amongst the cast and crew, the prompter seems to be having a nervous breakdown, no-one seems to know their … Continue reading

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A Decent Interval by Simon Brett

Charles Paris, a mostly out-of-work actor and part-time sleuth, first appeared in Simon Brett’s Cast, In Order Of Disappearance in 1975, and followed this with sixteen more appearances until Dead Room Farce in 1998, before exiting, presumably stage left, with … Continue reading

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Mrs, Presumed Dead by Simon Brett

I first came across Simon Brett via the Fethering Mysteries – the first two, The Body On The Beach and Death On The Downs garnered positive reviews early in this blog’s life, but for some reason, I never returned, despite … Continue reading

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A Nice Class Of Corpse by Simon Brett

Simon Brett is “a prolific writer of whodunnits” according  to Wikipedia. He’s also a television and radio writer, but with at least forty mystery novels under his belt, prolific would seem to be the right word. He is probably best … Continue reading

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My Kindle – A Review and Some Recommendations

It’s been nearly two months since I bought myself a Kindle, so I think it’s time to share my thoughts on the device and at the same time give a few recommendations as to bargains that can be snapped up … Continue reading

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Cast, In Order Of Disappearance by Simon Brett

I think it’s probably par for the course that when one purchases a Kindle, the first thing one does is trawl Amazon looking for cheap (or preferably free) books to fill it up with. A potentially dangerous occupation, but fun, … Continue reading

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Death On The Downs by Simon Brett

Death on the Downs is the second of the Fethering Mysteries by Simon Brett, featuring retired civil servant Carole Seddon and her mysterious neighbour Jude (no surname, at least not yet), set in and around the village of Fethering on … Continue reading

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Top Five of the First Fifty

Well, well, well. Since starting the blog, I’ve read and reviewed 50 books. I think it’s safe to say that my reader’s block seems to have been overcome. So, without further ado, I think it’s time to look at the … Continue reading

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“CJ Sansom and Scandinavian Crime”

“All that is selling in Crime Fiction is CJ Sansom and Scandinavian books.” That’s what I was told today in Waterstones. Let me backtrack a moment. I decided to let Mrs Puzzledoctor get on with some work this morning by … Continue reading

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