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The Queen Of The Night by Paul Doherty

Rome, AD 314, is beset by problems. The children of the city’s richest families are being kidnapped for ransom from places previously believed to be safe, the kidnappers disappearing without trace. Meanwhile, veterans from a Roman campaign against the Picts … Continue reading

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The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book of the Month – June 2014

June – busy for a number of reasons that I’ve mentioned already. Add in a trip to London to watch Richard Armitage in The Crucible – good, if a bit arty, but a warning that it’s nearly four hours long … Continue reading

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Roseblood by Paul Doherty

1450, London. Amidst the chaos of the uprising led by Jack Cade, the French mercenaries known only as LeCorbeil seize Edmund Roseblood and execute him. His final thought is that his brother, Simon Roseblood will avenge him. Five years later, … Continue reading

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A Feast Of Poisons by C L Grace aka Paul Doherty

Louis XI of France, the “Spider”, has a hold over the English court. An English agent, carrying the Book of Ciphers has vanished without trace in Paris. Claiming to have the book, he sends three agents to Kent to negotiate … Continue reading

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The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book Of The Month – March 2014

Well, this has been a funny old month. Nine books, eight of which were read before the eighteenth of the month and then only one since then. As I mentioned in the last review, the cause was in part a … Continue reading

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Candle Flame by Paul Doherty

Southwark, February 1381. Very precise with the date there, as people with a good knowledge of medieval history will know that this is the year when the Peasants’ Revolt is on the verge of breakout across England and London in … Continue reading

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The Poisoner of Ptah by Paul Doherty

Egypt, circa 1475 BC, and there’s a poisoner on the loose. Some years previously, a priest at the temple of Ptah (Egyptian God of Craftsman) was finally revealed as the assassin known as the Rekhet, an expert at poison and … Continue reading

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