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Calamity Town by Ellery Queen

When Ellery Queen, adopting the cunning pseudonym of Ellery Smith, visits the town of Wrightsville, he knows he’s found the place to settle for a while to get on with his writing. Intrigued by the history of the so-called Calamity … Continue reading

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The Dragon’s Teeth aka The Virgin Heiresses by Ellery Queen

I’ve had a few threads going on my blog – Original Sins, Medieval Miscreants, a Henry Merrivale bibliography, Sherlockian Shorts all of which start off as grand ideas and then fizzle into occasional visits. (Don’t mention the Mystery Tour of … Continue reading

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Some Mysterious Odds and Ends

No review today – there will probably be one tomorrow – but there’s a few odds and ends of information that I’d thought I’d share with you all. As ever, feel free to ignore it…

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The Four of Hearts by Ellery Queen

Once upon a time, there was a little blog that set out for itself a challenge – to present a complete bibliography of reviews of the works of Ellery Queen. Despite a plug in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, the last … Continue reading

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Cat of Many Tails by Ellery Queen – A Joint Review

Well, as promised ages ago, here’s my and Patrick’s joint review of Ellery Queen’s serial killer thriller Cat of Many Tails. It’s a joint review over on At The Scene of the Crime and it’s fair to say that our … Continue reading

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The Devil To Pay by Ellery Queen

And after what seems like an age, although it’s only actually a couple of months, we return to Ellery Queen, and we’re off to Hollywood! Well, to be precise, the vicinity of Hollywood – Ellery has been dragged to the … Continue reading

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The Door Between by Ellery Queen

And so, to the demand of absolutely no-one, I return to my bibliography of reviews of the novels of Ellery Queen, aka Fred Dannay and Manfred Lee, after too long a break, caused almost completely by the discovery of Paul … Continue reading

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The Mystery of “The House In Goblin Wood”

My regular readers will probably remember that I’ve already reviewed The House at Goblin Wood, the only short story written by Carter Dickson aka John Dickson Carr featuring Sir Henry Merrivale. But I’m asking for a little in solving a … Continue reading

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Half-Way House by Ellery Queen

Ellery bumps into another old friend, who he hasn’t seen for years. Meeting Ellery must be some sort of curse, as following this, his friend, Bill, goes to a rendez-vous with his brother-in-law. As he approaches the front door in … Continue reading

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The Chinese Orange Mystery by Ellery Queen

A complete stranger is found dead in an office waiting room. No-one seems to know who he is, no-one seems to know what he was doing there and most importantly of all, no-one knows why everything in the murder scene, … Continue reading

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