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I'm a mathematician by nature and as such have always been drawn to the logical side of things. Hence my two main hobbies being classic mysteries and logical puzzling. Oh, and cats. No logic there, I'm afraid.

The Invisible Circle by Paul Halter

“Dear Whoever. Please come to an isolated castle on an island off the coast of Cornwall. I’ve got something important to announce and you probably won’t get murdered like people tend to do in this sort of book. Promise. P.S. … Continue reading

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The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie

Jerry and Joanna Burton have relocated to the village of Lymstock to recover, he from injuries received in a plane crash, she from a failed relationship. Unfortunately, they don’t realise that they’re in an Agatha Christie novel, and that the … Continue reading

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Death In Elysium by Judith Cutler

Meet Jodie Welsh. After a successful career when she has earned more money that she knows what to do with, she astonishes herself by falling in love and marrying Theo, a vicar in Lesser Hogben, a village in Kent. As … Continue reading

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The Death of Lucy Kyte by Nicola Upson

When Josephine Tey’s godmother, the actress Hester Larkspur, dies, Josephine is astonished to inherit her home, a remote cottage in Suffolk. Needless to say, things aren’t as simple as that – there is a second beneficiary by the name of … Continue reading

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Non-Stop – Puzzle Doctor At The Movies

Non-Stop or “Liam On A Plane”. Liam Neeson is Bill Marks, an Air Marshall on a non-stop (hey, that’s the title!) flight across the Atlantic. After a brief hint at the fact that Marks has some personal issues (who’d have … Continue reading

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The Puzzly – The ISOTCMN Book of the Month – June 2014

June – busy for a number of reasons that I’ve mentioned already. Add in a trip to London to watch Richard Armitage in The Crucible – good, if a bit arty, but a warning that it’s nearly four hours long … Continue reading

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Audio Review: The Dead Side of the Mic by Simon Brett and Jeremy Front

Charles Paris, jobbing actor extraordinaire is preparing for a role as a grandfather, staying with his estranged wife Frances while his daughter, Juliet, is waiting for a new arrival. His luck seems to be in, as he lands a job … Continue reading

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The Conjurer by Cordelia Frances Biddle

1842, Philadelphia. On a stormy night, the river Schuylkill bursts its banks and seemingly sweeps Lemuel Beale to his death, although no body is found. His daughter, Martha, is convinced that he is still alive, but things look bleak. Meanwhile, … Continue reading

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The Red Right Hand by Joel Townsley Rogers

Meet Dr Henry N Riddle Jr, a brain surgeon from New York. He’s going to tell you the story of Inis St Erme, Elinor Darrie – Erme’s fiancée and Corkscrew, the nickname for a mysterious deformed man. A man who … Continue reading

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Skinner’s Rules by Quintin Jardine

Edinburgh, the early nineties. In a dark alley off the Royal Mile, the mutilated body of a young lawyer is found. Soon more bodies follow, each killed in a vicious but different way, all clearly the work of the same … Continue reading

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