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I'm a mathematician by nature and as such have always been drawn to the logical side of things. Hence my two main hobbies being classic mysteries and logical puzzling. Oh, and cats. No logic there, I'm afraid.

The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah

The Bloxham Hotel, London. Three bodies are found in three separate rooms, laid out almost ceremonially. When the bodies are examined, a cufflink with the initials PJI is found inserted into each of their mouths. Across town, in a coffee … Continue reading

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The Book Of Fires by Paul Doherty

London, 1381. Serjeant Richard Sutler is celebrating the successful prosecution of Lady Isolda Beaumont for the poisoning of her husband, Sir Walter Beaumont. There is one punishment for such a crime – Isolda was burned to death. As Sutler wends … Continue reading

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Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson

Christine Lewis suffers from anterograde amnesia. Every morning when she wakes up, she has no recent memories – sometimes, all she can remember is her childhood. She can’t remember what caused this trauma – she can’t even remember her husband, … Continue reading

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The Chill by Ross Macdonald

Lew Archer, having just completed a successful investigation, is hired by a young man, Alex Kincaid to find his wife. Only married for a short time, his wife, Dolly, has vanished into thin air. Archer finds her incredibly quickly, only … Continue reading

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The World Puzzle Championships – Part Three

And so we come to the last of my blog posts about the World Puzzle Championships for now. I’ve told you about the set up, I’ve told you about my personal experiences, I’ve even inflicted a couple of my puzzles … Continue reading

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The World Puzzle Championships 2014 – Part Two

Last time, I explained a little about the format of the World Puzzle Championships, and, in part two of this series of posts, I thought I’d explain a little about the experience of taking part in the Championships, which I … Continue reading

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The World Puzzle Championships 2014 – Part One

As you probably know, my online pseudonym is Puzzle Doctor (occasionally branching out to THE Puzzle Doctor depending on how self-important I’m feeling :) ) but only part of the “Puzzle” bit relates to my reading preferences. It also relates … Continue reading

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