Squire Throwleigh’s Heir by Michael Jecks

Squire Throwleigh's HeirSpring, 1321, and Roger, Squire of Throwleigh has a good life. With his own estates, a loving wife and a young son, things are going well. Until he drops dead of a heart attack, leaving five year old Herbert as his heir. When Sir Baldwin Furnshill, preparing for his wedding, visits to pay his respects, he feels uneasy – Herbert’s mother seems to want nothing to do with him and there are a number of new visitors to the Throwleigh estate… and a few days later, Herbert lies dead.

Although it seems that he was run over by a cart, Baldwin and Bailiff Simon Puttock suspect that there was a deliberate hand in Herbert’s death. For a five year old boy, there seem to be an unnatural number of people who had a motive for his death – but with everybody hiding something, can Baldwin and Simon possibly get to the truth?

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Nick and Tesla’s Secret Agent Gadget Battle by “Science Bob” Pflugfelder and Steve Hockensmith

Nick & Tesla 3Kidnappers? Easy. An army of robots? Piece of cake? But now Nick and Tesla, twin 11-year old geniuses, are up against someone who is trying to find out their secrets – secrets that they don’t know themselves. All they know is that their scientist parents are off working on a secret project – which is why they are staying with their eccentric Uncle Newt – and that their only contact has been a telephone message warning them not to trust anyone…

A message that arrived on the same day that the house is assailed by a pair of cleaners, an exterminator and an unexpected lab assistant for Uncle Newt. And when Tesla’s pendant – a gift from her parents – goes missing, it seems that there is a spy in their midst. Time for some gadgets designed for spying on the spies…

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Rivers Of London by Ben Aaronovitch

Rivers_of_LondonPeter Grant is a probationary constable in the London Metropolitan Police, but his career doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Until one night when he is canvassing witnesses after a violent attack and manages to take a statement from a ghost… As some bizarre elements of the attack come to light, Peter finds his calling in life – he becomes a Detective Constable and the first apprentice wizard in fifty years, assigned to DCI Nightingale of the Folly. It seems there is an underside to London that no one ever sees – but things are starting to get out of control.

Apart from brokering a peace between Mother Thames and Father Thames, Peter finds himself up against a malevolent spirit, determined to cause mayhem throughout the city. But when Nightingale is taken out of the picture, can one man stand alone against chaos itself?

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Bryant & May and The Invisible Code by Christopher Fowler

invisible-codeWhen last we saw octogenarian detectives Arthur Bryant and John May, in Bryant & May and The Memory of Blood, they had captured the Punch and Judy murderer, but there were still some loose ends – notably the unexplained death of Arthur’s biographer. The few clues they had seemed to lead in a very dangerous direction.

That element of the case comes back to haunt them as they are thrust into an apparent government conspiracy. While Arthur is determined to investigate the mysterious death of a young woman, found alone in an isolated church with no apparent cause of death, the entire Peculiar Crimes Unit is recruited by Oskar Kasavian, their overall boss. He is on the verge of an important political breakthrough, but his wife has begun acting strangely – it seems she is being haunted by devils…

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Nemesis by Agatha Christie

NemesisMiss Marple met the millionaire Jason Rafiel on her trip to the Caribbean and, after reading of his death, is astounded to receive a message from beyond the grave asking her to look into an unspecified injustice. After receiving directions to join a group touring stately homes and gardens, Miss Marple begins to identify the crime that Rafiel wants her to look into – but it seems that others on the tour are also interested in the same events.

When one of her fellow tourists is crushed by a boulder, it seems that Miss Marple is on the right track – but that someone is determined to ensure that the past remains a secret.

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Master Of Souls by Peter Tremayne

Master Of Souls670 AD, Ireland. A gang of wreckers drive a ship onto the rocks and the sole survivor of the ship witnesses them accost a group of religeuse and brutally murder the Abbess who was leading the group. She was the Abbess of the Abbey of Ard Fhearta, to which Sister Fidelma and Brother Eadulf are summoned to investigate the missing people. But when they arrive, there is a more pressing concern – the Venerable Cinead, a scholar of some repute has been found murdered.

Could the two events be connected – and if so, how? The more that Fidelma investigates, the more that she hears stories of the “Master of Souls” who stalks the land nearby. It seems that someone is trying to stir up war with her people, and that someone is the spitting image of Uaman the Leper, the Lord of the Passes – someone who Eadulf saw die… or did he?

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Nick and Tesla’s Robot Army Rampage by “Science Bob” Pflugfelder and Steve Hockensmith

download11 year-old twin geniuses and some-time sleuths Nick and Tesla are bored. Their parents have vanished and their eccentric Uncle Newt isn’t the most… focused guardian. So when one of their friends asks for their help in retrieving a priceless comic which has been stolen from their store, it seems a good way to pass the time.

But there seems to be a slew of robberies in Half Moon Bay – more than just the comic – and the only link seems to be an array of robots that seem to be present in each one of the crime scenes… Maybe Nick and Tesla (and the reader) should build their own mechanical creature to fight back!

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