Sicken And So Die by Simon Brett

“If music be the food of love, play on;

Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting

The appetite may sicken, and so die.”

Sicken and So DieCharles Paris has finally managed to tick off one of his dream roles. An old colleague has cast his as Sir Toby Belch in a touring production of Twelfth Night. Things seem to be going well…

… until the director mysteriously takes ill and is replaced by an upcoming director with his own ideas about how Shakespeare should be performed, all of which are contrary to Charles’s traditional approach. As rehearsals continue, Charles’s opinions start to marginalise him from the rest of the cast. But when someone else takes ill, he begins to suspect someone in the cast has murderous ambitions. Worse than that, it seems that those ambitions may be directed towards Charles himself!

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The Seat Of The Scornful aka Death Turns The Tables by John Dickson Carr

Seat Of The ScornfulTo describe Judge Ireton as arrogant would be something of an understatement. His daughter, Constance, introduces her fiancé Tony Morrell to him, and the Judge immediately (well, once Constance is out of the room) offer £3,000 for the undesirable Morrell to clear off and never bother her again. Morrell agrees and they resolve to meet again the next night to conclude their business.

The next night, a phone message is received from Judge Ireton’s study – a cry for help and then the sound of a bullet being fired. When reaching the house, the body of Morrell is found on the floor with the Judge sitting next to it holding a gun.

Could the Judge really be so confident that he can shoot a man in his own house and get away with it? Or is there someone out there determined to frame him? Only Gideon Fell himself can get to the bottom of things.

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White Crocodile by K T Medina

White CrocodileA shadow is being cast over the region of Battambang in Cambodia. Teenage mothers are vanishing from the villages surrounding the minefields, some later turning up dead. Members of the mine clearance team working on the site are being lured to their deaths on the minefield – with fresh mines being planted in cleared regions.

Tess Hardy finds herself drawn to the region and the mine clearance efforts by a phone call from a voice from her past – her violent husband Luke, sounding scared for the first time in his life. When he is killed in an explosion, she finds herself investigating his death. Convinced that he was murdered, it seems that everyone in the region has something to hide.

The White Crocodile – a harbinger of death – is waiting in the darkness. And the Crocodile is hungry…

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Too Many Mysteries – A Cry For Help!

As regular readers will have spotted, I’ve just moved house – a lovely farmhouse that’s older than the USA – and I’ve got my own study. Four walls – one of which is somewhat inflicted with damp – a ceiling and lots of space for my books. The first time in fact where I have my own shelf space to completely do with as I please.

So I emptied all of my boxes that I could find (and there’s more, as I didn’t come across my first edition of Captain Cut-Throat) and this is what I found.

wpid-20140727_172806.jpgThat’s more books than I know what to do with. Some of them need to go – but the question is, which ones?

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World Of Trouble – The Last Policeman Book III by Ben H Winters

World Of TroubleDoomsday minus 14 days. The world is going to end, the asteroid 2011GV1, otherwise known as Maia is going to hit the Earth and then everything will end. And Detective Hank Palace has one last case to solve – he’s going to find his sister Nico.

Nico was last seen with a group of radicals who have a plan to save everything – a nuclear missile that will deflect Maia – and, despite believing that her cause is doomed, he needs to find her before the end. But he’s going to find more than he expects – as the doomsday clock ticks down, Palace finds that he has a brutal murder to solve. But needless to say, the clock is ticking…

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All Day And A Night by Alafair Burke

All Day And A NightPsychotherapist Helen Brunswick is found murdered in her office, her limbs broken post mortem. This was the signature of the serial killer Anthony Amaro, who killed six women in the same manner twenty years previously. A serial killer who is still in jail, protesting his innocence.

Carrie Blank, a young legal associate, joins forces with a celebrity defence lawyer in order to overturn Amaro’s conviction, although she has her own agenda. Her sister was one of Amaro’s victims and she is determined to find out the truth about why she died.

Meanwhile NYPD detectives Ellie Hatcher and JJ Rogan are assigned to review the original case against Amaro. As their leads head towards Carrie’s hometown, the location the crimes, it seems that there are plenty of secrets to be unearthed. And someone doesn’t want the truth coming out.

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A Perfect Death by Kate Ellis

A Perfect DeathGrandal Field in Devon seems to have a curse upon it. In the thirteenth century, a French woman, fleeing the terrors in her own country, was burned to death. Ten years ago, an archaeological dig ended in tragedy with the deaths of two of the workers. And now a young woman is found dead in the field – also burned to death.

When Wesley Peterson, on holiday in Carcassone, is asked for help by an old university acquaintance, he presumes that the problem of his missing friend (back in Devon) is a minor matter. But as his friend disappears from the town overnight, and another burned body is found near Tradmouth, it seems that things are much more complicated than they first appeared. Is there really an ancient Cathar treasure buried under the field? And will someone kill again to get their hands on it?

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